Young Nurses Take Action Foundation

Leadership Mentorship Global Citizenship


Empowering young Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses to be effective leaders and advocates on local and global levels.


YNTA endeavors to create positive change by:

  1. Fostering leadership and mentorship in young RNs and RPNs;
  2. Creating an environment that promotes nursing solidarity and professional engagement;
  3. Creating educational opportunities for RNs and RPNs;
  4. Being active members in our local communities through volunteer and community initiatives;
  5. Establishing fundraising projects to support development and volunteer initiatives both at home and abroad;
  6. Providing acute and preventative healthcare in under-served international communities;
  7. Partnering with international non-governmental organizations to create lasting impacts for developing communities; and,
  8. Developing a culture of global citizenship for RNs and RPNs, focus being on those aged 35 years and under.